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You paid for insurance. But was it there when you needed it? Insurance companies make higher profits if they deny your claim.

The world of health and accident insurance can seem very orderly and predictable until you try to actually use the policy you paid for. Then suddenly the insurance company is looking for any excuse not to honor the terms and provisions you were expecting to have covered. The medical procedure you need is suddenly excluded for inexplicable reasons, or payments are delayed due to no fault of your own.

You have rights under the law to sue your insurance company for bad faith if you are involved in a dispute with them or they are denying or delaying payment. A personal injury attorney can recover damages for you in court. Gerald Schwab, an experienced California personal injury attorney, stands ready to recover those damages for you. Call him right away.

It is considered “bad faith” if you have proof of coverage but your insurance company:

  • Delays payment by asking you to appear before their attorney again to answer the same questions and provide the same or similar documents.
  • Finds loopholes in your policy that allow them to deny your claim.
  • Refuses to pay the undisputed portion of your claim so that you will accept a lesser amount for the rest.
  • Delays investigating your claim or looks only for evidence against you.
  • Evaluates your claim using biased instead of independent experts.
  • Asks you to waive your rights or agree to restrictions not in your insurance contract in return for paying any part of your claim.

Because the defendants in insurance bad faith cases are usually large insurance companies and corporations with enormous financial resources, you need an attorney who cannot be intimidated. You need an attorney who will fight aggressively on your behalf. You need an experienced attorney who will not make mistakes in preparing your claim, during negotiations, or in trial that could reduce the amount of compensation you receive. You need Gerald Schwab.

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