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If you or a loved on has been injured by a dog bite you should consult our office to get a consultation regarding your legal rights.

Most pet owners are responsible regarding there pets.  However, recently there has been an uptick in dog bites and other lawsuits regarding animals simply not being kept, trained or responsibly held by there owners.  

Many people do not spend the time to properly train and care for there animals especially dogs.  This could lead to someone being seriously injured.  All to often our office has seen injuries resulting from out of control dogs, running wild, not leashed, owners that let the dogs run wild through the neighborhoods.  If you have been injured by one of these negligent actions you should 


One of the most common occurances is someone who is out walking there dog when another dog that is running loose, or has not been properly trained gets away from the owner and attacks another dog owner or dog. 

This is unfortunately very common.  A dog not on a leash that is left to run wild sees another dog and attacks both the dog and the owner of another dog.  Many times people have large dogs that have not been properly trained and are very wild.  They are kept in small apartments or condos that were never meant to house the very large dogs.  The dogs when they get out are out of control and not trained and are therefore very dangerous.  

A dog bit can cause tendon, bone and nerve damage, not to mention the damage you get from possible infections.  Sometimes the dog will even kill the other animal in the attack and cause emotional distress to the people that have to watch the out of control animal kill there pet.

As a responsible dog owner and lover I can imagine how devestating it must be to have your pet killed and yourelf badly injured because of a negligent dog owner. 

Dog attacks can be very serious in 2016 alone more than 31 people were killed by dog attacks.  There are over 4.5 million dog bite attacks annually.  Often it is not an isolated incident and not the dogs fault but a very negligent owner.  


In California, under Civil Code Section 3342 (a) the owner of a dog that bites someone with the limited exception of emergency dogs, is legally responsible for all damage and inuries caused by the dog. 

liablity exists for the dog owner regardless of how careful they are in restraining the dog. 

If you are walking on a public sidewalk and a dog suddenly comes out and bites you then you can sue the dog owner under the above-mentioned statute.  


As stated above a dog bit claim may include an negligent infliction of emotional distress claim.  the elements of this claim are 1. the plaintiff is closely related to the victim

2. was present at the scene

3. was aware at the time of what was going on 

4. as a result suffered emotional distress.  

This could be the case where your child was injured by a dog bite. 

After a dog bit the dog may be quarantied.

You may  have to recive a series of rabies vaccinations over a 28 day period.  

If you have been injured by a dog bite give us a call and we can help you get through this.  559-441-1418. 

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