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If you have been injured by the negligence of a driver and you have sustained injuries you should call our officer to see what your legal rights are and if you can recover for those damages. 


The number one cause of serious bike injuries is the speeding of motor vehicles.  Often those vehicles are not only speeding but talking on there phones, texting, and just being non-attentive.  Even small increases in speed can affect ones ability to properly drive a vehicle and can cause major distractions that can affect the ability of someone to see a bicyclist.  

Frequent causes of bike accidents include. 

drivers speeding or running red lights.

drivers making an illegal u-turn in traffic

drivers providing bicylist with inadequate room

drivers or passengers opening car doors without looking

careless or innatentive drivers (see above)

there could be other factors such as non-driver factors roadway hazards, poorly marked construction sites debris etc or gravel on the roadway.  

There could be city or or other public agencies at fault if these are the cases.  

If a city or  other public agency is at fault please do not delay in contacting an Attorney because there could be statute of limitations issues which could be just six months from the time of your crash. 

If you have any question give us a call 559 441-1418.

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