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If you or a loved one has been a victim of a violent crime you may be entitled to compensation.  for example if you have been injured after an attack at a public place such as a mall, business venue, or other public place where the owners should have known of the dangerous conditions because of past problems on the premises. 

These lawsuits can be complex and difficult to navigate and you need someoene that has done these type of lawsuits in the past.  If you have any questions after reading this article give us a call. 559 441-1418. 

These type of lawsuits can even occur at sports venues.  You may have heard of the case of Bryan Stow.  Stow a Giants fan, was attacked outside of Dodger Stadium after the season-opening game March 31, and suffered life threatening brain injuries.  Stow is suing the Dodgers under the theory that the team cut back security, despite being aware of the dangerous condition of the parking lot, which was the site of previous assaults. 

In these type of cases where you are suing not only the perpetrator of the crime, but also the property owner, if the property owner was aware of the dangerous conditions on the property and did not take measures to address that problem; especially when the problem could have been easily been remedied. 

The person may be able to recover there damages due to the negligence of the owners. 

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