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      With all of the private cab compainies and uber and lyft and other cab companies, there is more than ever the concern over accidents occuring when taking these rides and if someoene is injured by one of these companies.  For example recently in the city of San Francisco there was an accident where the yellow cab crashed into a group of pedestrians in front of some office building in the financial district.  The cab actualy jumped the curb and smashed into pedestrians on the sidewalk, causing serious injuries.

     There could be several parties responsible for this horrible accident, the city, the driver, the cab company, and possibly more peopel depending on the circumstances.  Because there were major injuries you will have police agencies that will investigate.  This investigation will determine who was at fualt.  Thankfully, the cabs now are have "dashcams" and other electronic devices that record what is happening inside and outside a cab.   These can be looked at to determine exactly how the incident occured.

The video evidence can be helpful in determining if the cab driver was driving without caution or simply was not paying attention.  This could include speeding, speaking into his cell phone, or other dangerous behaviors.   This evidence could lead to a very dangerous conditions that lead to the cab company being responsible for the injuries sustained by all the parties.  In large urban areas you can bet there will be many cameras on the outiside of building which can help in determining exactly what happened as to specific accidents. 

And yes there could be other parties at fault in situations such as the one described above.  Such as the city and even the makers of places that attract people such as newstands etc.  They could be liable for having the newstands to close to the sidewalk in case of an accident. 

These multi party accidents including accidents with the latest cab and ride companies, such as uber lyft, can be complex and you should contact an Attorney as soon as possible if you have been injured. 5 59-441-1418.


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