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Injuries and hospital trips can be trauamatic events.  Here at the law office of Gerald Schwab we can help you with your injuries especially if you have been injured as a result of negligence of an apartment complex.


Some apartment complexes neglect the necessary repairs that are needed for there apartments.   This leaves the people that reside in those apartments at an increased risks of Death or Serious bodily injury. So you ask when can an apartment complex be liable for my injuries?


The apartment complex owner can be held liable for your injuries if the follwing requirements are met.

1. The party must have owned, occupied, the property on which the injured person was harmed.

2. Whena  landlord that owns an apartment on which a person is injured, or falls they can be held liable.

3. The owner must have been negligent in some manner.  in the use or maintenence of the property. 

4. This is the complicated part of this element of this offense.  and would require analyisis of whether the conditions were known, should have been known, how long how long the danger was apparent and how much it would have cost to repair the the dangerous conditition.

5. The landowners own negligence was a substantial factore in causing the harm. 

Accidents are foten the result of mutiple causes, and sometimes people arent as vigilent as they could be in keepina an eye on there footing.  The owners negligence does not have to be the only cause but only a substantial factor, in causing the accident. 

If a tenant recognizes the danger it is best to notify the management of the complex as soon as possible the apartment management must take steps to stop the danger.

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